Heidi. (dielaydbugdie) wrote in craftydopers,

ACK! help me, help me, help me.

I am brand new to crochet for the most part I have done a few things before but always under extreme supervision incase I had any issues (which were always inevitable). Well I went out and bought the new Happy Hooker book and fell horibly in love with the Yeehaw Lady hat on page 115. I did fine til I got to the middle of Rnd 1 when it says "working on opposite side of the foundation ch, sc in each of next 4 ch, 4 sc in next ch -3 space, sl st in next sc to join - 15 sc"

what does that mean? Do I work on the butt side of the foundation chain or do I simply go into the v's backwards? And what is the -3 space?

Any help is gratefully appreciated.
Hopelessly confused,

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